Strategic Objectives & Outcomes

Objective 1: Empowering Palestinian women and girls on individual and collective levels to be deeply engaged in all decision-making processes that affect their lives and communities. 

Outcome 1 Women understand their political, civil, economic, social, and cultural rights and have the tools and capability to advocate on their own behalf.
Outcome 2 Palestinian society understands the significance of gender equality and challenge social attitudes and norms that perpetuate inequalities.
Outcome 3 Duty bearers adhere to their obligations and apply laws from a human-rights perspective in line with international standards.

Objective 2: Eliminating discrimination against women and girls by combating gender-based violence within Palestinian society and promoting women’s peace and security in accordance with international human rights laws and agreements. 

Outcome 1 Women understand their legal, social, and civil rights and have the resources and confidence to prevent or combat acts of gender-based violence.
Outcome 2 Palestinian society acknowledges the prevalence and consequences of gender-based violence to take steps to advocate for a society free of violence.
Outcome 3 Duty bearers enforce laws and procedures to combat gender-based violence and hold perpetrators accountable before the law.
Outcome 4 Creating an enabling environment to implement commitments to women’s peace and security promoted.  


(Gender Forum, August 2019)