Our Values

  • Independence

The Palestinian Working Women’s Society for Development acts independently from the directions and influence of external actors regardless of whether they are governments, political parties, non-governmental organizations, funding agencies or individuals. PWWSD wants to keep its autonomy of its decision-making process and structures on programmatic, financial and administrative levels to ensure that the organization’s actions support achieving the organization’s vision and mission as well as its strategic goals, therefore, PWWSD will ensure transparent structures and accountability.

  • Professionalism

PWWSD has developed and gained deep experience on women’s empowerment and it seeks to maintain its ongoing development.  Since its establishment, PWWSD has been investing in building the capacity of its staff and developing the organization’s capacity by adopting several bylaws to regulate the organization’s work, whether on programs or on a financial level. The organization focuses on a result and quality-based approach.

  • Objectivity

PWWSD is committed to women’s rights as human rights. With the experience that the organization built over time, it is able to utilize analysis, studies, and other working tools to ensure all the information the organization provides is accurate, reliable and unbiased.

  • Integrity and Transparency

PWWSD, as an organization, works based on democratic norms of integrity, transparency and accountability within decision making processes. PWWSD is committed to good governance internally by encouraging general assembly members and board members as well as volunteers to participate in organizational planning, monitoring and evaluation, and the organization is committed to keeping all its records, whether financial or administrative, accessible and available to those authorized to see them. On a national level, the organization believes in good governance and works through its programs to increase women’s participation in decision making processes.

  • Advocate of adherence to the Rule of law

PWWSD has long considered and advocated the rule of law as a framework to govern and regulate the interaction between state organs and citizens. In this context, the rule of law ensures that freedoms of citizens are not restricted, nor are any favors granted according to groups and individuals except by law, and with due consideration given to the nature of this law.

Therefore, PWWSD advocates for clear government- and state- related functions, and conflict resolution mechanisms that must be defined by law, and carried out under the ultimate control of the citizens through a process of representational democracy. PWWSD believes that this would help foster a stable environment, and would optimize the conditions necessary for citizens to pursue available political, social, and economic opportunities. For the organization, it is also important to stress that the rule of law includes working towards a well-functioning and independent judicial system capable of providing justice for victims of women’s rights violations.

PWWSD believes that its internal procedures, regulations, and by- laws are to be the only reference points governing the organization’s work at all levels. PWWSD works to ensure that these rules are fair, transparent, and applied equally to all staff, and that the staff members’ engagement in all aspects of its work is governed by responsibility and accountability for the strategic directions and outcomes of their work.

  • Gender sensitivity

Both individually and as a whole, PWWSD’s staff members will strive to be receptive and aware of the different situations and needs of women and men throughout the decision- making process. PWWSD endeavors to promote the achievement of gender equality and ensuring that PWWSD better searches, considers, addresses, and accommodates the specific needs and status of women in the Palestinian society through the planning and implementation of its activities.

  • Partnerships and Responsiveness

PWWSD wants to continuously improve its ability to respond pro-actively to events and changes taking place regarding the human rights situation in the OPT. The organization will work on developing sound management tools at the administrative, financial, and managerial level that ensure flexibility and effectiveness of the work whilst ensuring that PWWSD’s strategic objectives or outcomes are achieved. PWWSD endeavors to adopt procedures that will enable it to adapt tactically, operationally, and strategically to the changing political circumstances and the situation on the ground without shifting its focus.