Networks & Coalitions

Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID)

Anna Lindh Foundation

Jusoor Network for women in political life

Arab Women Forum (Aisha)

UNSCR 1325 Operation Group

National Body to Monitor Elections

National Commission for Employing Women

Advisory Board of the safe shelters for abused women

led by the ministry of Social Affairs

UNSCR 1325 Coalition

Civil Coalition for Penalty Law

Civil Coalition for Family Law

PNGO (Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network)


Gender Forum in local Governance

PWWSD was elected by fellow members to lead the Gender Forum in Local Governance (2019-2021). The Forum envisions a gender-responsive enabling environment in local governance that incorporates perspectives of diversity and inclusiveness and gender equality, and seeks to integrate gender issues into the policies and strategic plans of the Ministry of Local Government and civil society organizations.

EuroMed Feminist Initiative

EuroMed Feminist Initiative EFI is a policy network that encompasses women’s rights organizations from the two shores of the Mediterranean and advocates for gender equality and women’s rights as inseparable from democracy building and citizenship, for political solutions to all conflicts, and for the right of peoples to self-determination. EuroMed Feminist Initiative seeks to improve and promote women’s rights as universal human rights, the value of gender equality and the use of non-violent means to solve conflicts

Civil Society Organizations to Combat Violence against women (al-Muntada)

CEDAW Coalition

Karama Network

Karama is a regional NGO based in Egypt Operating throughout the Arab regio with hundreds of partners in thirteen countries. Karama works with with women, men, youth, academics, activists, community leaders, politicians, parliamentarians, and others in an effort to end and reform discriminatory laws and practices and promote women’s advancement, security, and protection in all aspects of public and private life.

1325 Coalition