Economic Empowerment

PWWSD was established in 1981 to support the working women of Palestine, who face many obstacles and exploitation. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, there is four men for each woman in the labor force. Women’s wages are only 71 percent of that of men. Furthermore, the unemployment rate among women is 51 percent. The programming within this thematic area aims to empower women economically by increasing women’s participation in the labor market. To achieve this goal, PWWSD focuses on activities that tackle poverty and unemployment among women in Palestine, paying special attention to income-generating projects, cooperatives, and trade unions. Another major aim is to increase women’s economic participation in the local Palestinian markets from a rights perspective by raising the awareness of women and society regarding women’s economic rights, which includes labor laws and inheritance rights. As a feminist organization, PWWSD provides technical expertise and support in mainstreaming gender in policies, strategies and projects. More specifically, PWWSD provides direct support by developing the capacities of organizations, cooperatives, and trade unions that work directly with women in rural areas who farm or produce goods for sale, in addition to accessing land and productive resources.


Program Goal: Palestinian women have greater access to and participation in the labor market and sources of income within a framework of gender-based equality and justice in economic rights.

Program Objectives:

  1. Palestinian society, especially women, is more aware of and supportive to women's economic rights access to the labor market.
  2. Increased engagement of youth, especially women, in the labor market and various economic activities.
  3. Palestinian women are more effective in influencing laws, policies and procedures that guarantee women equitable economic participation and access to the labor market.


Our Projects

1) Musharaka: Model Lending and Saving Cooperative-Economic Empowerment of Underprivileged (Vulnerable) Women in Ouja- Jordan Valley.
Year: 2022-2023
Donor: French Solidarity Palestine
2) Breaking Discriminatory Norms to Promote Women’s Inclusion in the Economy-Productive Employment.
Year: 2019-2022
Donor: UN Women
3) Gender Equality in the Economic Sphere: Our Right, Our Priority.
Year: 2019-2022
Donor: EU-DWRC
4) strengthening gender-responsive environment in rural development and cooperatives sector.
Year: 2019-2022
5) MENA Feminist Power in action -women’s economic rights (FEM-PAWER).
Year: 2021-2025
Donor: KTK-Netherland Government