PWWSD Launches 'Sada' Campaign to Combat GBV and Demand Social and Legal Protection for Women and Girls

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Protecting Families from Violence is a Societal and Legal Responsibility
The Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development (PWWSD) launches:
Sadaa Campaign
Calling to End Violence against Women and Girls


Palestinian women and girls continue to face discrimination, murder, abuse and exploitation, in a context that lacks legal and social protection. This reflects a lack of political will of the Palestinian Authority to implement its obligations in accordance with the Basic Law and international treaties concerned with gender equality, and requires immediate action to combat all forms of violence by ensuring a legal and societal environment that provides safety and human security for women and girls. This need is further enforced by the Israeli military occupation escalating its oppression and violating the rights of the Palestinian people, especially their rights to self-determination, freedom and living in dignity. Israeli occupation policies would be made permanent with the "deal of the century", including the annexation of Jerusalem and 30 percent of land in the West Bank. This reality leaves multiple destructive effects on our lives as women and girls, as we face discrimination and violence based on gender in a context of unequal power relations and patriarchal social engineering in all of the occupied Palestinian territory. 

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