Mistreating Palestinian Women in Hebron: Unfolds the Real Face of the Israeli Criminal Occupation

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Occupied Palestine: Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development- PWWSD strongly condemns the Israeli Occupation Army’s crime against five Palestinian women in Hebron City- Occupied West Bank. The Israeli soldiers, accompanied by attack-trained dogs, forced the women to undress and wander in front of them naked, under the threat of releasing the police dogs to attack them. The purpose was to humiliate Palestinian women and insult them. PWWSD affirms that such crime is nothing but a manifestation of the criminal face of the Israeli army that is backed up by the racist Israeli government, which denies the right of Palestinians to exist. The crime proved that the occupation is nothing but a crime against humanity and a violation of all human values.

PWWSD demands the international community to interfere immediately to end the illegal occupation as it is the source of all the crimes in Palestine. The Organization stresses that it is time to stop condemning the crimes of the occupation and shift towards condemning the occupation itself.  As the Occupation is a clear crime and violates international law, measures should be taken to end this phenomenon (Occupation).

The Crime against women in Hebron, despite its high level of atrocity, is not the first against Palestinian women. Palestinian women in Israeli prisons are subject to similar humiliating acts and degrading treatment. Degrading Palestinians in general and women in particular, is recurring within the daily practices of the Israeli occupation. The occupation policies express clearly that there is a denial of Palestinians' right to exist as human beings. What increases the barbarity of Israeli crimes is that they occur and reoccur in front of the world, which does not raise a finger to stop them.   

Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development is demanding the United Nations, represented by His Excellency, Secretary-General, Mr. Antonio Gutters, to interfere immediately and end the crimes of the occupation. The Organization calls upon immediate protection of Palestinian women within the frame of Women's Peace and Agenda that are under the patronage of the United Nations. It is clear that as long as the Occupation continues, the crimes against Palestinian women will continue. PWWSD calls upon International Women's movements and organizations to unify in supporting Palestinian women and push forward to pursue the Israeli war criminals legally in front of the International Criminal Courts. PWWSD calls upon all Palestinian parties to accelerate the process of lodging a case to the International Criminal Court against the Israeli Occupation crimes committed against women.

It is Time to End the Israeli Illegal Occupation of Palestine!



 Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development

Occupied Palestine

September 6, 2023