In Solidarity with Lawyer Francesca Albanese

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In Solidarity with Lawyer Francesca Albanese

The UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Palestine


Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development- PWWSD expresses full support and solidarity with her excellency, Lawyer Francesca Albanese, the Special UN Rapporteur on Human Rights in Palestine. Lawyer Albanese is subject to incitement and fierce attack by the Israeli government, for her brave positions in advocating human rights and publicizing the crimes and violations committed by the Israeli government against Palestinians human rights. The incitement process is led by the so- called: Israeli International Legal Forum, which is one of the arms of the Israeli settlers’ government that seeks silencing Palestinians and all those who support them and reflect the truth of what is happening on the ground.

At the time, PWWSD appreciates the work that Lawyer Albanese is doing in reporting about the violations of human rights in Palestine in neutral subjective manner, calls upon his excellency, Mr. Antonio Gutters, the secretary- general of the United Nations to reject the pressure imposed by the Israeli government and institutions, to terminate the work of Ms. Albanese. PWWSD believes that Lawyer Francesca represents the actual role of the United Nations as neutral international body that should ensure the implementation of the International Human Rights Law and ensure that no impunity is granted to a state or a party in case of violating human rights.

The so- called Israeli International Legal Forum is an organization led by one of the well-known Israeli right wing activists (Arsen Ostrovsky) and includes in its membership Israeli ministers and Knesset members. PWWSD is calling upon the United Nations to initiate in fulfilling its legal and moral responsibilities towards protecting Palestinians human rights and accounting the Israeli war criminals for their crimes against Palestinian people and the profound violations of human rights.


Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development

April 17, 2023