Towards Activating the UN Mechanisms to Account the Israeli Occupation for its Crimes against Palestinian Civilians

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Ramallah- 17/8/2022

The Israeli Occupation is going on in its crimes against Palestinians in Gaza Strip, West Bank (including Jerusalem) and the entire Palestinian territory. The Israeli attacks against Palestinians takes countless forms and Israel is still denying the International Human Rights Law applicability and acts as outlaw state while the International Community is standing hands- cuffed. The Israeli Occupation itself confessed that its forces committed a horrible massacre against a group of kids in Jabalia to the north of Gaza Strip during the latest aggression, where five kids were murdered with cold blood with no respect to their childhood or to the human values.

Things were not limited to the mentioned massacre, but the latest Israeli aggression and the other aggressions against Gaza Strip since it was occupied in the year 1967 up to date, target Palestinian civilians, mainly women and children. The Israeli attacks target the civil establishments and the infrastructure of Gaza Strip that has been under restricted Israeli siege since the year 2007. Thousands of kids in Gaza Strip lost their limps due to the Israeli shelling alongside with thousands of kids who lost their lives and tens of thousands who lost one parent or both of them due to the inhuman attacks committed by the occupation forces. Although the international human rights law instruments protect civilians under war, especially the Fourth Geneva Convention and other related treaties and conventions, yet the Israeli Occupation State denies the International Humanitarian Law and acts as a rouge state that continues its war crimes under the nose of the international community.

 Although Israel acceded to the Convention on the Child Right since the year 1991 and ratified the optional Protocol annexed to the given Convention since June 2006, yet, its crimes against Palestinian children had never stopped either those committed by the Israeli army or those committed by the Israeli settlers. Among these crimes was the crime of burning and killing the Jerusalemite child Muhammed abu Khdeir and burning and killing the kids and the family of Dawabsha in Douma- Nablus, few years ago. The massacre committed against the kids in Gaza is within the policy of targeting Palestinian kids. The Israeli crime indicates clearly that the silence of the world is nothing but collusion with these crimes.

In front of these crimes and taking into consideration that the occupation is going on in its aggression, then, PWWSD:

  • Calls upon the Human Rights Council to activate its resolution from the year 2021 and form an independent Commission to investigate the occupation’s crimes and ensure that the United Nations Security Council imposes sanctions on the occupation’s state in accordance with chapter VII of the UN Charter and not limit the role of the commission to reporting only.
  •  Calls upon the various states in the world to end cooperation with the occupation’s state and ban exporting weapons to it as well as imposing sanctions to ensure abiding to the international humanitarian law.
  • Calls upon the UN commissions to initiate immediately in establishing an international court to litigate the Israeli war criminals to ensure ending the crimes against Palestinians. PWWSD calls upon the United Nations to provide immediate international protection for Palestinians in accordance with the related international standards.
  • Calls upon the Civil Society Organizations on the global level to unify in facing the practices and crimes of the Israeli occupation and publicize the occupation on all levels.
  • Calls upon the various CSOs (mainly Women CSOs) in the Arabic Countries that normalize ties with the occupation state and those who affiliated to the so- called “Jerusalem Declaration”, to press on their national governments to stop the normalization process with the Israeli Occupation State.
  • Calls upon the Palestinian Authority to accelerate the process of lodging a file against the Israeli crimes to the International Criminal Court where any reluctant in this regard is not accepted.


Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development

Occupied Palestine