PWWSD - Annual report 2017

During 2017, PWWSD continued its interventions in accordance with its vision and strategic objectives. Utilizing all mechanism to empower women and girls in the public sphere as well as the private sphere to gain gender equality, PWWSD focused on women leadership in building gender responsive governance and justice, mobilizing youth in support of a gender justice agenda, and women security and peace agenda based on the IHRL and IHL. In 2017, PWWSD was able to reach significant outcomes in accordance with its strategic objectives and programs through coordination and networking, raising awareness, mobilization, and advocacy at the national, regional, and international levels. PWWSD mobilized women in shadow councils, labor unions, cooperatives, and projects and developed the capacities of its employees, volunteers, women and youth in the grassroots. More details on our programs and activities for 2017 are available in the report below.

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