In-depth Assessment of Women’s Access to and Ownership of Land and Productive Resources in the occupied Palestinian territory

In this study, PWWSD presents data and analysis on the challenges faced by rural women in the field of economic empowerment, specifically in relation to their right of ownership and access to land and productive resources in a settler-colonial context that deprives Palestinian women and their families of land ownership. Furthermore, it provides a critical analysis from a gender lens on the impact of the patriarchal system on the rights of rural women of access to and ownership of land; it also highlights the legal framework on both the national and international levels related to these rights.

The study includes a number of recommendations that contribute to the economic empowerment of rural women as well as strengthening their resilience on the basis of economic rights to own land and resources; in light of the latest Israeli measures to implement the “annexation plan” of around 30% of the West Bank areas, which threatens the existence of the Palestinians and their Palestinian State.

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