Opinion poll on Gender-Based Violence in the Palestinian Society - (Results of a poll among university students in the West Bank)

University students are considered a vital and broad segment with an impact on the reality and future of Palestinian society. The number of university students in the West Bank and Gaza Strip reached more than 218,000 students in medium universities and colleges (2018). Universities also constitute an important indicator of the pulse of the Palestinian street in terms of political and social trends as all relevant parties at all levels follow university elections to determine the balance of their forces and the nature of agendas which are popular among students and in society. In this context, this research aims to survey university students on violence against women, within the project “Women’s Rights are Human Rights: Women’s Empowerment in the Decision- Making Process, Grassroots Approach” implemented by the Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development and supported by Kvinna Till Kvinna. (The results are available in Arabic)


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