TOR-Conduct Community Awareness Workshops on “Women Economic Empowerment, Economic Gender-Based Violence (E-GBV)

 Feminist Power in Action for Women’s Economic Rights


Terms of Reference to Contract Consultant(s)

“To Conduct Community Awareness Workshops on “Women Economic Empowerment, Economic Gender-Based Violence (E-GBV), and on Raising Community awareness on Women Economic Rights” in West Bank and Gaza Strip.  



The Programme MENA Feminist Power in Action for Women’s Economic Rights (FEM-PAWER) will strengthen young women who face multiple discrimination of economic gender-based violence (E/GBV) in the MENA specific countries (Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Tunisia) to be the leader for change by holding duty bearers accountable toward Women Economic Rights (WER) and improve conditions for young women in the informal sector.

FEM-PAWER aims at building the capacities of Women Rights Organizations (WRO) and Young Women in lobby and advocacy (in the field of economic gender-based violence and WER), aiming at improving the gender responsive accountability mechanisms of duty bearers. The Program promotes inclusive collaboration through providing small grants to partner organizations (POs), capacity development, networking and creating coalitions opportunities and lobby and advocacy related actions. The inclusive partnerships are the backbone of the Program and is intended to be applied also among POs, across PO lobby and advocacy work, as well at Consortium level. A total of 11 POs have been supplied with sub-grants in Palestine.

 About PWWSD:

Established in 1981, Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development (PWWSD) is a non-governmental women’s, developmental, and learning human rights organization that contributes to developing feminist struggle within national, social, and developmental dimensions. The organization believes that liberating women is connected directly with ending the occupation and establishing a full Palestinian democratic sovereign civil state. PWWSD is active all-over West Bank including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, and is an active member in several local, regional, and global networks and coalitions.


Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development (PWWSD) aims for a free and democratic Palestinian society based on gender equality, respect for human rights and social justice. The organization promotes women’s empowerment, women’s participation in the national struggle against the occupation, women’s contribution to the development processes, the entitlement of women to political, economic, and civic rights, women’s access to justice and their right to a life free of violence

Purpose of Assignment:

  1. To organize community and conduct awareness workshops on “Women Economic Rights (WERs), including how to advocate for their Rights.
  2. To arrange Awareness sessions/workshops (Total 27, at least 3 per month) on Economic Gender-Based Violence (E-GBV). Examples of E-GBV are: (Access to resources, Minimum wages, Unequal pay, Unpaid care work, Opportunities to employment and education, and access to inheritance rights).
  3. To raise community awareness on methods of women economic empowerment.


PWWSD looking for consultant (s) to accomplish the following tasks:

The consultant will maintain an active presence in the community, including active networking and partnership with Partners Organizations (POs) and with women CSOs and CBOs in West Bank and Gaza Strip, and to prepare articles, presentations, success stories or other communication tools to inform various stakeholders about WERs and E-GBV, and to dispatch articles, presentations, publications and success stories, for the website and press releases.

The consultant will conduct the following tasks:

1)Follow up with the POs and community leaders on the implementation, and provide any support and help in order to facilitate their implementation plans (community awareness workshops).  

2) Closely follow up and respond to POs and community issues on WER and E-GBV, in West Bank and Gaza Strip.

3) Support and advice the POs on the networking and building relationships with community key actors and other relevant stakeholders.

4) Collect data and contribute to the submission the reports.


  • BSc or Master’s Degree in a related subject to topics of the tasks.
  • Proven and documented experience in engaging with community and in facilitating awareness workshops.
  • Proven and documented experience in developing and designing pre and post assessment of the awareness workshops.
  • Familiarity with Gender mainstreaming, WER and in E-GBV.


  • Working Plan including the methodology and time frame to conduct the workshops.
  • Assessment Report for each workshop.

Implementation time frame:

The Awareness workshops will start 1 March 2023 and will end on 31 December, 2023.

How to apply: 

This call is open for individuals (consultants). The interested applicant should send signed technical and financial proposals including taxes (in EUR) no later than 25 February 2023: pwwsd@PWWSD.Org   

Evaluation criteria’s:

  1. Methodology including time frame and assessment mechanism 40%
  2. Past experience in the field of community awareness on WER and E-GBV. (30%).
  3. Financial evaluation: (30%)


For any Clarifications you send an email to till 25 February 2023.

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