PWWSD – Annual report 2018

PWWSD has worked throughout the year of 2018, in all of the areas where it operates in the West Bank and Gaza, to entrench values of equality and democracy through programs that aim to provide integrated services to target groups; in order to combat discrimination against women, and promote positive change and social reform. PWWSD has also continued its undying endeavors to sustain the balance between the agenda for peace and security on one hand, and the social and human rights agenda on the other. In order to achieve this, PWWSD bases its work on a foundation of alliance with grassroots women's organizations, youth movements and trade unions, which, in their turn, rest upon the principle of participation. As right-holders, PWWSD’s beneficiaries receive services and support; while it continues lobbying decision makers on local, regional and international levels to respond to women's demands as duty-bearers. PWWSD has worked closely with women to implement these plans and activities which tackle several levels. To learn more about our work in 2018, please see the attached report.


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