Individual Consulting Services: To Develop a Policy Brief on Rural women food production catastrophe during COVID-19

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PWWSD seeks to procure the services of an external individual consultant to develop a Policy Brief on Rural women food production catastrophe during COVID-19. The policy brief is aimed to provide a concrete and evidence based information on how the emergency committees act as distributors of Palestinian food from rural areas, mainly from women farmers, to the public.

The main objective of this assignment is to provide a brief background on the situation of rural women food production in Palestine and the effects of COVID-19 on their productivity. In addition to providing a critical evaluation of the governmental policies regarding the food production of rural women. The goal of the policy brief is to provide a thorough yet summarized content on the extent of gender sensitivity of the emergency committees, who act as the first hand responders in times of crisis, towards the Palestinian rural women and more specifically, how the COVID-19 crisis has affected them.

Interested consultants are required to prepare and submit the following:

  • CV/s of the consultant/s.
  • Financial offer: budget breakdown of the proposed costs in ILS including VAT.

Interested Individual Consultants are requested to send the above package to, with the subject line: “Policy Brief on Rural women food production catastrophe during COVID-19”

Deadline for Submission: Interested consulting firms are requested to submit their offers by 24 August 2020

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