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The programme MENA Feminist Power in Action for Women’s Economic Rights (FEM PAWER) is a 5-year programme focused on strengthening young women who face multiple discrimination of economic gender-based violence in MENA. To support the programme, Kvinna till Kvinna is looking for a consultant/s to do the baseline assessment.

Deadline for submitting tender: 11th of July.


About the consultancy

The main purpose of the baseline assessment is to establish the baseline for the programme's key indicators that do not have a baseline yet, and to set up a point of reference by which change will be measured throughout the implementation of the programme.

The consultant/s is expected to:

• Lead on the process of the baseline study design, methodology, planning, implementation and quality control procedures. Based upon a reading of the program documents, propose any additional topics or issues for analysis etc.

• Provide a baseline study validated by the Steering Committee which informs baseline information for the key indicators of the Program described in the table above.

• Review the Program’s Results Framework, ToC and respective M&E Plan and provide inputs and amendments if necessary, including additional or amended indicators.

• Share key findings and insights of the baseline with relevant staff and stakeholders of the Consortium

It is also the responsibility of the consultant to set up a team that is able to provide the below deliverables covering the four countries as cited above.


Time frame

The consultant is expected to work from Mid-July to September 2021 and complete all responsibilities and deliverables by 1st of October 2021. The schedule outlined above is estimated and open to revision. Level of Effort: The LOE for the assignment should not exceed 50 days in total.


About you

Required skills and experience of the consultant: ✓A degree in women rights studies for the team leader at least, and preferably for the rest of the team.

✓ At least 7 years’ experience in the design and implementation of baseline surveys, evaluations, or assessments including qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis.
✓ Excellent knowledge and understanding of research methodologies and processes
✓ Experience in the development of Results and Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks.
✓ Experience managing women rights/human rights projects in MENA region
✓ Proven ability to collect, analyze and manage information through a gender/ feminist lens.
✓ Previous experience in the area of women rights, women economic rights, informal work, gender accountability, gender-based violence, etc.
✓ Fluent in both Arabic and English

✓ Knowledge and/or experience in economic gender-based violence
✓ Knowledge and/or experience in intersectionality 
✓ Knowledge of IATI



Deadline to submit tender is 11th of July.
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